Winners in 2020

After a short and bumpy season, we end it almost as we began it – in another lockdown. Here are the personal successes in our competitions and trophies of 2020.

Club trophies

Founder’s Cup: Robin Brown
Blewbury Golf Croquet Championship: David Vincent
The Blewbury Prebendal Manor Trophy: Peter Allan
The Icknield Trophy: John Garnett
The Roger Cambray Memorial Shield: David Long

Club open tournaments

One-day GC B-level, 17 June: Peter Adams (Caversham)
One-day GC C-level, 4 July: Peter Allan (Harwell and Blewbury)
AC Advanced Weekend, 18-19 July: Robin Brown (Blewbury)
One-day Short Croquet, 8 August: Tim Lacey-Hulbert (Kington Langley)
AC C-level Advanced Weekend, 29-30 August: Aston Wade (Hamptworth)

Semi-open tournaments

All-England Handicap (GC): National finalists David Vincent, John Garnett
Berkshire Handicap (AC): Anthony Hardwicke

Club Player of the Year Shield: John Garnett