GC Championship Cup 2020

There are two groups. The winner in each group will be decided by:

  • who wins the most matches
  • hoop differences
  • who beat whom
  • a penalty shoot out – boundary to hoop 1

The first and second in each group will go to the semi-finals:  A1 v B2  and B1 vs A2.

The results displayed below will be updated periodically. The result of each match shows the net hoops in that match and “W” denotes the winner and “L” the loser. Most of the time a positive number is associated with a “W” but this is not always the case. The last three columns (P, W and N) show the number of matches played, the number of wins and the overall net hoops. The results are ordered by most matches and the largest net hoops. When the block is complete final positions will be decided using the criteria listed above.

GC Championship 2020 Block A

David Grinstead-1Lx4W0W4W437
Peter Allan6Wx116
Brian Jamiesonx1W111
Paul Wolff-4L2Wx-6L31-8
David Vincent0Lx-2L20-2
David Long-4Lx10-4

GC Championship 2020 Block B

John Garnett5Wx6W2211
Mick Moore-6Lx6W-1L31-1
Susan Tilbrook1W-3Lx21-2
Steve Fisher-6Lx3W21-3
David Seedx-5L10-5

In each group everyone should arrange to play everyone else in a best of three level play 13 point games.  You will normally need to allow 2.5 hours to be sure of  enough time to play three games.

All matches should be played before  Friday 11th September. 

Please let the gc captain have the results as they arise and don’t forget to enter them in your handicap card.