2020 AGM Output

16 members attended our AGM Zoom call on Tuesday evening, 17th November. The full minutes have been e-mailed to all members, but a summary of the proceedings is as follows:

  1. The Minutes of the 2019 AGM were approved and adopted.
  2. The Club’s Accounts for 2019 were approved.
  3. Stuart Parks was reappointed, as Accounts Examiner for 2020.
  4. The Club’s Annual Report for 2020 was received and briefly discussed.
  5. It was agreed to maintain 2021 subscriptions at current levels.
  6. The existing Committee was re-appointed, bar David Seed (who had chosen to step down from that responsibility this year). Minty Clinch was appointed in his place, and welcomed into the Committee: her prime role will be keeping this website’s content refreshed.

David Long, BCC Secretary