These are generally as follows:

  • Monday afternoons – AC on one lawn from 14:00. The other lawn is reserved for GC team practice from 14:00. Sometimes both lawns will be taken by home matches – so check the calendar.
  • Tuesday afternoons – GC, from 14:00
  • Thursday mornings – GC, from 10:00
  • Thursday afternoons – AC, from 14:00
  • Friday afternoons – GC, from 14:00

The format is flexible and is arranged by those who attend a particular session. It’s a good opportunity from singles or doubles play, depending on how many come along. If you want to make sure others will be around, then you can use the ‘Anyone for a game?’ option on the online calendar and/or register (via the secretary) on the WhatsApp group.

As the club develops and we have more players, it is important to ensure that new members feel welcome and less experienced players get chance to learn from more experienced players. An important way of achieving this is for there to be adequate mixing of players during the general club sessions. This can easily fail to happen if when one group finishes a game, then, since other games are still in progress, the players start another game. Since games generally do not finish at the same time, no mixing occurs. The following is suggested guidance for use in club sessions.

To encourage mixing:

As people arrive at the start of a session, they should form into game groups in order of arrival.  During the sessions games may be doubles, threes (one singles against a doubles pair) or singles, depending on players and court space. Newcomers should be invited to fit in wherever there is a space, e.g. with a three or to a singles making it a three.

When you finish a game and there are others still playing their game, let them know you are ready to mix in when they finish then

– have a coffee
– do some practice (few of us practice enough)
– start a new game but be prepared to stop when the other game stops

To help ensure everyone gets a good game:

When deciding pairings for doubles try to get balanced teams by pairing experienced players with less experienced players.

Use Handicaps. If we can make handicap play normal in club sessions this will ensure everyone has a chance to win and the better players are still challenged. Handicaps add a new dimension to the game.

If anyone has no handicap they should play off 10 for GC, but are encouraged to get an initial handicap.

Evenings and weekends are normally open for members to book lawns and to arrange games. There will also be times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when the lawns may also be free.

As there are matches and other scheduled events already in the calendar, availability should always be checked on the online calendar. Bookings for a court are also done online. (See the section on the calendar later in this document).

Managers: David Vincent (GC) , Joe King (AC)

Scheduled maintenance

Each Tuesday morning the lawns are taken out of use to allow for cutting, treatments and remedial work. Volunteers are always welcome to take up tasks aimed at improving the facilities of the club.

If you are able to sign up for white-lining then this could be done on a Tuesday or at another time. You can book your slot on the new online calendar.

Friday mornings are reserved for second maintenance which is used for the second weekly mowing.

Organiser: Joe King