Courts Re-opening

I’m pleased to announce that we now plan to reopen our courts from Monday 29th March. This is in line with Step 1b of the national lockdown-easing roadmap: should that date slip, then so will our re-opening.

The CA have confirmed that we may do so under the same social distancing and sanitising regimes we had in place last year. These are reflected in Issue 9 of our Covid regulations.

The Committee has also decided to extend participation to the maximum allowed under those regulations – namely 6 per court. This would allow (eg) double-banking of a singles and doubles game on one court, or a coaching session with up to 5 participants (+ coach). As before, all attendance must be pre-booked, to allow track & trace if needed.

While this allows up to 12 people (including spectators) on club premises at any time:

a) all attendees are subject to the “Rule of 6“, with no mingling allowed between groups;

b) everyone MUST take personal responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe, by observing the 2m Social Distancing guidance (which, in our context, translates to “IF I CAN HIT YOU WITH MY MALLET, YOU’RE STANDING TOO CLOSE”).

Committee members will monitor adherence to these rules, and take action if breaches are observed.