Covid-19 Restrictions

Issue 5: 11 August 2020

All members must follow the rules set out below governing croquet at Blewbury Croquet Club.

These rules have been approved by your Committee for the safety of all persons attending the club. They follow guidance issued by the Croquet Association, which in turn follows Government guidance. As these do change from time to time, you should always check here to find the latest version.

Full-sized courts can now be used for pre-booked singles or doubles play, with double banking not generally allowed. Exceptionally, two double-banked singles games may be played on one court, and only then if all four players have consented to double bank. Half-sized lawns are not permitted. A full-sized court may also be booked for practice, or to attend a coaching session.
  • In addition to the maximum of 4 players per court, 1 coach or 1 spectator is allowed.
  • Thus there is a maximum of 5 persons allowed per court, so no more than 10 inside the club’s perimeter fencing at any time.
Do not go to the club if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, or are meant to be self-isolating. Please advise should you suspect you may have the virus.
Everyone must follow the 2m social distancing guidelines at all times, unless members of the same household.
You may only play, practice or attend coaching if you pre-book a slot on the club calendar.  Each booking must show the names of all players plus any coach or spectator involved, so that the club can maintain the proper records. To give all members opportunity to book a slot:
  • No-one may hold more than two advance bookings at any time.
  • Bookings are limited to no more than 90 minutes if within or overlapping club peak hours, namely 1:30-5:30pm Mon-Fri.
  • However, booking times are extended to allow roll-up GC sessions on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 1.30-3.30 only. With a max. of 4 players allowed on each court, and potentially 10 people on the premises, priority for play should always be given to anyone “sitting out” during the previous game.
  • Bookings may extend to 2½ hours max. outside those times.
  • Guest players are permitted, but only outside peak hours. It is the responsibility of the member inviting them to ensure that their guests are aware of and adhere to these rules. It is also their responsibility to pay the appropriate guest fee, preferably by direct BACS transfer, to avoid any need to create paper records and handle cash inside the clubhouse.
  • We are encouraging AC and GC players to book any games during the conventional AC and GC slots (GC: Tuesday pm, Thursday am, Friday pm; AC: Monday am, Wednesday am, Thursday pm). On Monday afternoons, one lawn is available for each code. Wednesday pm is available for either form of play, as are evenings and weekends.
  • Maintenance will continue to be carried out on Tuesday and Friday mornings.
  • These rules may be varied for tournaments held at the club, in which case the relevant tournament manager will issue temporary special rules to all affected.
Use of the courts is at your own risk. Play safely (and “Stay Alert”) by following the CA guidance to the letter, with the following clarifications:
  • Only use the clubhouse itself for handwashing, cleaning of equipment, or to get the WC key at the start of the day (and to return it after the final booked session of the day).
  • Only one person is allowed in the clubhouse at any time.
  • Do not open (or ideally even touch) the cupboards in the clubhouse. Marker pegs, club ball position markers, flags etc. from the clubhouse must not be used. ESSENTIAL equipment (i.e. the balls, hoops, pegs & mallet) will now be stored overnight in the WC. Clips and peg extensions may be used for AC competition games, but not for practice, and two sets will be stored in plastic containers in the WC.
  • Do not handle or use the club chairs or bench. If you bring your own chair, please do not leave it at the club but take it with you when you leave.
  • The WC key is now hanging on a nail, just inside the clubhouse door, by the light switch.
  • Clean club padlocks, keys and door handles before and after use.
  • When setting-up or clearing a court, only one person should touch the hoops/balls pegs/mallet: wash hands, move the equipment (cleaning it whenever setting-up or clearing, at least using anti-bac spray/wipes), then wash hands again.
  • Croquet balls must be washed using washing-up liquid (anything else may damage them); hoops/pegs are best wiped down with anti-bac spray or wipes. Clips should be washed.
  • Unless you know there’s a session happening after yours (e.g. other players are waiting for you to finish), assume you are responsible for clearing the court after your session.
  • Avoid touching balls/hoops with your hands while playing: try to use your feet or mallet instead. If you must use hands, e.g. for positioning croquet strokes in AC, handle only your own colour balls, not your opponent’s; likewise in AC, each player should only handle their own colour clips.
  • Please do not handle or move the ball stop barriers.
  • If you have to use the WC, you must sanitise all touched surfaces after use. Cleaning products will be provided for your use: please let know if stocks are running down.
  • Please air the WC by leaving its door open (until locking up for the night) when not in use.
  • You must not use communal catering or waste facilities. Please bring your own food/drink, and take away your own rubbish in your own rubbish bag, including any paper towels or other club consumables that you use. The mop bucket in the WC is NOT a waste bin – put your waste wipes and paper into your own bag and take it away with you.
  • You may wish to bring your own hand sanitiser to the court; e.g. so that, if you’re the last person out, you can wipe your hands after locking the padlock.
Players without their own mallet may be able to borrow a club mallet, for their sole use over the rest of the lock-down; club mallets should not be used otherwise. is running a registration scheme for this. Please don’t take a mallet before you’ve spoken to David about it. All such borrowed mallets should be taken home with you, and not be left at the club.

Please follow the above advice to keep all members safe, and stay alert. The Committee will be monitoring use of the above and may make further changes as necessary; but please get in touch with, or any other Committee member, if you have any further suggestions or comments.