Covid-19 Restrictions

Issue 11: 16th May 2021

All members must follow the rules set out below, governing croquet at Blewbury Croquet Club.

These rules have been approved by your Committee for the safety of all persons attending the club from tomorrow (May 17th, 2021). They follow guidance issued by the Croquet Association, which in turn follows Government guidance. As these may change from time to time, you should always check here to find the latest version.

Do not go to the club if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, or are meant to be self-isolating. Please advise should you suspect you may have the virus.

Everyone must follow the 2m social distancing guidelines at all times, unless members of the same household.IF I CAN HIT YOU WITH MY MALLET, YOU’RE STANDING TOO CLOSE!”

A maximum of 30 people are now allowed inside the club’s perimeter fencing at any time, whether players, coaches, ground staff or spectators. Court use is effectively now unrestricted.

All use of the courts must be booked on the calendar, showing the names of all players, coaches, or spectators. Contact details (or name of hosting member) should also be shown for any non-members.   This is to support ‘track and trace’ if necessary.

  • Club captains (for AC, GC) will continue to advise on booking conditions for their club sessions to ensure that all members get a fair chance to play.
  • Otherwise, you may book any free slot on the calendar without restriction.  
  • You may book a court to play a double-banked game, only with the consent of all players holding the original booking (this doesn’t apply to club sessions or tournaments)
  • Tournament managers may issue specific rules for their tournaments.
If you have a smart phone, please also use the NHS Covid-19 App to register your presence at the Club.  A QR code is now posted on the clubhouse door, to let you check-in whenever you visit.
Clubhouse and WC:
  • A maximum of 6 people are now allowed in the clubhouse at any time.
  • You are advised to wear face coverings whenever indoors, particularly when more than one person is in the same room.
  • Food and drink may now be consumed on club premises, but only when seated.
  • When possible, take away your own rubbish. While there is a bin in the WC, it may not be emptied frequently.
  • The WC key is now hanging on a nail, just inside the clubhouse door, by the light switch.
  • Please air the WC by leaving its door open (until locking up for the night) when not in use.
Use of the courts is at your own risk. Play safely (and “Stay Alert”) by following the CA guidance to the letter, with the following clarifications:


  • All croquet equipment can now be used (eg now including bisques, clips, etc).
  • Unless you know there’s a session happening after yours (e.g. other players are waiting for you to finish), assume you are responsible for clearing the court after your session.
  • Equipment can now be stored again (as usual) in the clubhouse, rather than the WC.
  • Any club mallet touched should be sanitised before and after use. Preferably, members needing to use a club mallet should borrow one for their sole use over the duration of lock-down, registering the loan Secretary (as per contact details below).  
  • Borrowed mallets, or any members’ own equipment or belongings, should not be left at the club.


  • Members continue to be responsible for sanitising all equipment and surfaces touched (as below), as well as for their own hygiene.
  • When setting-up or clearing a court, please wash your hands before and after using the equipment.
  • Croquet balls must be washed using washing-up liquid (anything else may damage them)
  • Hoops/pegs are best wiped down with anti-bac spray or wipes. Clips should be washed.
  • If you use any club chair, it is your responsibility to sanitise it thoroughly before use for your own safety.  Please also sanitise it afterwards, out of respect for other members.
  • Clean club padlocks, keys and door handles before and after use.
  • If you have to use the WC, you must sanitise all touched surfaces after use.
  • Cleaning products are provided for your use (with spares in the WC cupboard): if stocks are running low, please notify the Secretary (as below).
  • You may wish to bring your own hand sanitiser to the court; e.g. so that, if you’re the last person out, you can wipe your hands after locking the padlock.

Please follow the above advice to keep all members safe, and stay alert. The Committee will be monitoring use of the above and may make further changes as necessary; but please get in touch with me, or any other Committee member, if you have any further suggestions or comments.

David Long, Secretary BCC 07484 360169 /