Courts Reopening

Following the recent lockdown, and a pitch inspection today, I can now confirm that our courts are reopening tomorrow (Dec 2nd) within the constraints of being in a Tier 2 area.

Arrangements will be the same as before the lockdown, with a max of 10 people booked to use the lawns at any time (and a max of 5 on either court). The same precautions must also still be followed with regards to social distancing and sanitising of equipment (as per the Issue 7 rules posted on this site and on the clubhouse windows).


  • The yellow swisher should be used to clear the bulk of any worm casts off the court before play (any residual casts can be trodden into the lawn).
  • No Jump shots are permitted.
  • Hoop carrots should be left partly exposed, to preserve the longevity of the latest hoop holes.

The lawns are currently quite soft, though playable. If they get much wetter, however, we will have to close them again to preserve the turf and to stop the creation of new undulations. I’ll write out further (and post again here) should that be necessary.