Communications Working Group

Updated 9th Feb 2020

As part of a development plan for the club, the Committee created a working group with Steve Fisher as convener charged to find out what members want to communicate within BCC and how. The group, which currently has three other members: Peter Allan, Joe King and David Vincent, will then report back to the committee with a practical course of action to give members what they want.

Communication outside the club is not within the scope of the group however it is appreciated that any website, which is expected to be a part of the solution, might also have a marketing role.

At its first meeting the group discussed whether or not it was the right size and had the right membership to be effective. It was felt that if the group were any larger it would become unwieldy. The meeting then considered a list of technologies that we use now and which includes mail lists, the phone, the web site and WhatsApp. In order to make sure that the future system delivers what members want, we are building a set of “Use Cases” that such a system must deliver.

A few words on Use Cases

Wikipedia defines a use case as a list of actions or event steps typically defining the interactions between a role (or actor) and a system to achieve a goal.  A use case is very easy to understand and, if the set of use cases is comprehensive, ensures that one can determine whether or not the proposed system will do what is wanted. The group has produced an initial set of use cases which we would like all members to examine and to see if we have missed off anything that would be useful. Normally a use case shows how specific roles interact with the system. In this case instead of a role the word “I” is used. For example the use case “I want to find players for a match” might better be written as “A team captain finds players for a match” and it is likely that we will identify roles shortly. Of course any one person may assume different roles. If a use case is expanded too much then it is describes a solution rather than the problem – which is of course to be avoided.

Current set of Use Cases

  • I want to schedule a match needing two courts – by looking for a suitable slot and reserving it
  • I want to lookup something in our “Laws” i.e. constitution
  • I want to see if the courts are open
  • I want to tell all members that the courts are currently unfir for play
  • I want to find the minutes of the last committee meeting
  • I want to find the agenda for the next committee meeting
  • I want to send a message to all members of the communication working group
  • I want to share a document with all members of the communication working group
  • I want to find players for a match
  • I want to find out where the last Longman match against Harwell was played
  • I want to volunteer for white lining
  • I want to ask all GC players if they are interested in something
  • I want to find out which matches a group of people could play in
  • I want to remind players that they are due to play in a match
  • I am looking for volunteers to help with repairing crow holes
  • I want to inform everyone of the response to a request for volunteers
  • I want to inform the volunteers of the arrangements to repair crow holes
  • I want to confirm arrangements for repairing crow holes
  • I want to update arrangements for repairing crow holes
  • I need to cancel an event this afternoon – and be sure that the message is received
  • I am looking to make arrangements for the time of an event in the coming week
  • I would like to know the weather at the club
  • I want to know if anyone is intending to play today
  • I want to know how to declare interest in the Prebendal
  • I want to find out what events I can declare an interest in
  • I want to sign up for the Prebendal
  • I and other members of a working group want a temporary email address for the group
  • I want to distribute the agenda for a committee meeting
  • I want to inform all members that our courts are now open
  • I want to gather information from all members and to track their responses
  • I want to remind all members yet to pay their annual fees, of the need to do so
  • I want to see which members want to participate in a club social activity

Feedback needed

What we need from you is not only to look for errors and omissions in the set of Use Cases listed above but also to tell the working group anything else that might help to produce the system that members want. Please send an email to to provide your input.