Peter Allan wins the GC Championship Cup

The GC Championship Cup semi-finals and finals took place yesterday in a dry but windy day, far better than the weather forecast suggested it would be. In the semi-finals Peter Allan beat Steve Fisher 7-3, 7-4 and John Garnett beat Paul Wolff 7-2, 7-3.

Paul beat Steve 7-6, 5-7, 7-4 to take third position.

Peter won the final against John 6-7, 7-3, 7-6.. This was an excellent match with many hard fought hoops. A superb long jump by Peter at hoop 7 in the final game was probably the pivotal moment, denying John the hoop and the chance to be first at hoop 8. The game progressed evenly and John had the first shot at hoop 13. He was in a good position in front of the hoop when Peter came in from the back leaving his ball just through the hoop and very close to John’s ball. Neither could do much with the balls close to the hoop and there was much toing and froing to try to gain advantage. Eventually Peter was able to promote John’s ball onto his so winning the hoop and the cup. This was probably the most interesting hoop 13 I have witnessed.

Congratulations to Peter as this year’s Champion Cup winner.

David Vincent