Prebendal Manor Cup 2021

Holder: Peter Allan

The Prebendal Manor Cup handicap competition is commencing and I am ready to take entries. Please click on the button below to record your desire to play in this year’s competition.

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Depending on the number of entries I will determine a suitable format to select the 8 players to advance to the finals phase on Saturday September 25th. This may be block play to ensure each entrant has 3 or 4 games, a progressive Swiss where the players with the most wins progress or some other format. The objective will be to make sure players get at least three games before the finals stages.

Initial rounds will be likely be played as 18pt games with a 2.5 hour time limit.

All club members are welcome to register as there are no handicap restrictions. High bisquers should be aware of the new high-bisquer competition (yet-to-be-named). Lower handicapped players should be aware of the Founder’s Cup advanced play competition for which the Chairman will provide invitations to suitably qualified players in the near future.

Entries so far:

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