Prebendal Manor Cup 2021

Holder: Peter Allan

The Prebendal Manor Cup handicap competition has started but I can take new entries for the next week or two. Please click on the button below to record your desire to play in this year’s competition. Please let me know too.

We will be using a flexible Swiss format to advance the 8 players to the finals phase on Saturday September 25th. Players with 2 wins qualify, and players losing their first game will need to play 3 or 4 games to reach qualification.

Initial rounds will be be played as 18pt games with a 2.5 hour time limit, unless both players agree to play a full game with 3 hour time limit.

Games should be played to the laws of handicap play using your official CA handicap as per the CA website. If as a result of a win or loss your reach a trigger point, then your handicap changes for subsequent games and should be updated on the CA website accordingly.

Round 1 fixtures, to be played by August 24th

Steve vs Peter

Andy vs Anthony

Brian vs David Long

Claire vs Edmund

Minty vs John