Use of the website

All our members are registered for the website. Some make heavy use of it some very little as is to be expected. I thought that rather than writing a long report for the AGM I would post a news item with most of what I wanted to say.

Joe King, David Long, Paul Wolff and I have written most “posts”. Posts are typically news items.

Nick Butler and Peter Allan are the only two non-committee members who have written anything – though any member is able to submit a news item (after logging in of course).

Twelve of our members have logged in at least once during the last week and a further nine members have logged in over the last month.

Eight of our members have never logged in – and therefore never made a court booking. They have also been unable to see the information that is only available to members – such as the results page.

About a month ago I set up monitoring for the website to see how it is used. I have done some grouping to give the following table.

Page or Group of PagesCountComments
Home page186Most people’s way in
Login82It would appear that around half the users tried to login
Members’ Area77… and most were succesful
GC Championship Cup, Icknield Cup, Berkshire Handicap, Prebendal34Specific events
Results33General page before looking for a specific event
Calendar25Some would be logged in and some wouldn’t

List of Members
21This is surprisingly well used to get people’s contact details
Covid restrictions20This is the total for the various Covid news items
News & News Archives18
Membership16It would seem that a number are considering joining us
Profile11People updating their personal information
Open Days and Introductory Courses8
Taking Part8
Keeping personal information up to date6People preparing to update their personal information.
Using the calendar
Association Croquet
Mailing lists and aliases
GC Ladder
Golf Croquet
About Us4