SC Ladder 2021

All Short Croquet games count on the ladder. All club members are invited to get involved.

Results so far

Joe King10246
Anthony Hardwicke10222
Carol Jamieson10147
Peter Allan10111
Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli10012
Paul Wolff9913
David Long9901
Brian Jamieson9925
Steve Fisher9925
Edmund Shirley9802


  • Your initial ladder ranking points are set to 100, and you gain a point for winning a game and drop a point for losing. This means the ladder should remain balanced if some players play more games with other playing less. Your ladder position is determined by ladder ranking points.

Please enter your result below carefully. If you make a mistake please contact Steve Fisher to have the result removed.

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If your name is not on the ladder please email Steve Fisher. Joe King will probably take this over in the near future.

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