Founder’s Cup 2022

This is AC played to Advanced rules

This will be played in the second half of August, and limited to 8 entrants. The format will depend on the number of entrants, but is likely to be a knock out or two blocks and a final. If oversubscribed the players with highest rankings will be entered into the event.

Players interested in playing are invited to let me know of their interest and when they are available in August.

SC Jolyon Kay Memorial Trophy

To join in please send an email to to have your name entered, issue a challenge, play the game and enter the result below.

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Duncan Sinclair11444
Joe King10411
Peter Allan10024
Anthony Hardwicke10012
Susan Tilbrook9601
Steve Fisher9314
Carol Jamieson9302

Details of the format

Each player is initially assigned a number of ranking points. If a player beats a player of the same ranking then four points are transferred from the loser to the winner. However beating a higher ranked player results in more points being transferred and vice versa. Winning or losing a game may change your handicap but this change has no impact on the ranking points

You may challenge any club member to a game, regardless of whether they are on the ladder already or are yet to play their first game. Failure to accept the challenge and play the game within two weeks results in a maximum score being recorded for the challnger and 0 for the person who failed to play. Such results do not go on handicap cards as regular results would. There is one exception: if you challenge someone who is away from the area (such as on holiday) then there is no expectation that they will play.

It is recommended that a player before taking a long holiday informs the webmaster so that they do not receive challenges in their absence and informs him/her when they return. You must play a minimum number of games to win, so don't have yourself marked as absent too frequently.

Initial ladder ranking points are set to 100 for those playing their first game before the 16th June, otherwsie players start with 96. A player's position is determined by ranking points, then wins, then net wins (#wins – #losses).

The number of points transferred is given in the table below.

Difference in ranking points before the gameIf player with higher ranking points winsIf player with lowere ranking points wins

In the event that two players have the same index, number of wins and net wins then who-beat-whom amongst the tied players, and finally net points will be applied manually at 23:59 on the 18th August to decide upon the four best players to take part in the finals to be held on the 25th August. Only players having played at least six games are eligible for the finals though this threshold will be reduced if necessary to get four players.

The finals format has been chosen to give an advantage to the two players who have done best.

  • Qualifier 1 – Player 1 vs Player 2 (the loser gets a second chance)
  • Eliminator – Player 3 vs Player 4 (will be played at the same time as qualifier 1 and, as it’s name suggests, eliminates one player)
  • Qualifier 2 – Winner of Eliminator vs loser of Qualifier 1
  • Final – between the two qualifier winners

Prebendal Manor Cup 2022

Holder: Andy Robertson

Thanks to everyone for completing their group fixtures in the Prebendal, our Club’s internal AC handicap competition. The final group tables are shown below. Congratulations to the 8 who progress to the quarter-finals; and commiserations to the 6 who didn’t (as well as the 2 who had to pull out of the competition) – better luck next year.

Please now arrange to play your quarter-finals by no later than Sunday, September 18th.

Both semi-finals will then be played on the morning of Saturday, September 24th, with the Final that afternoon. As usual, if you pass a trigger point, please amend your handicap accordingly for subsequent games; both on the CA website, and in this site’s list of members.

Quarter-Finals Draw:

I have now drawn the quarter-finals randomly, as witnessed by Joe; with group winners seeded apart, and with the two qualifiers from each group split into opposite halves of the draw. I list the outcome below (with current handicaps, as listed on this site, shown in brackets: please update me – and your opponent – if these have changed).

Top-half of draw (winners to play SF on Court 1):

  • D1 v A2: David L (16) v Andy (10)
  • C1 v B2: Peter (2.5) v David S (12)

Bottom-half of draw (winners to play SF on Court 2):

  • A1 v D2: Steve (9) v Joe (-0.5)
  • B1 v C2: Duncan (9) v Brian (8)
David LongAndy Robertson
Peter AllanDavid Seed
Steve FisherJoe King
Duncan SinclairBrian Jamieson
Quarter Finals

Game Format:

All matches except the Final should be played as 18pt games (1 and 3-back variation – as per AC rule 51.2.3) with a 2.5 hour time-limit. The Final will be contested as a 26pt game with a longer limit (eg 3 or 3.5 hrs, dependent on the playing conditions on the day).

Games will be played as handicaps, using a base of 9:

  • in games involving at least one player of handicap less than 9, normal bisque alloctions apply, subject to the standard reduction for 18pt games. eg player A (handicap = 4) vs player B (handicap = 16): B is allocated 12 bisques, reduced to 8.5.
  • if both players have handicaps of 9 or more, each player gets a number of bisques equal to the difference between their handicap and 9, reduced according to the schedule for 18pt games. eg player C (10) vs player D (11): C is allocated 1 bisque, reduced to 0.5; D is allocated 2 bisques, reduced to 1.5.

Games cannot end in a draw: the standard extra turns procedure (AC rule 61) should be followed if scores are level when the time-limit is reached.

Any ambiguities or extenuating circumstances affecting these rules will be resolved by reference to std. AC tournament rules, else at Tournament Managers’ discretion.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to help.

David Long (07484 360169;

Group Results

Group A

Steve Fisher1X13-1117-721230
Andrew C Robertson211-13X15-131026
Paul Wolff37-1713-15X0-1220

Group B

Duncan Sinclair1X16-618-118-833752
David Seed26-16X18-513-112537
Anthony Hardwicke31-185-18X18-61-1824
Claire King48-1811-136-18X0-2425

Group C

Peter Allan1X18-818-921936
Brian Jamieson28-18X18-71126
john harrison39-187-18X0-2016

Group D

David Long1X18-818-818-1032854
Joe King28-18X18-818-121744
Deirdre Cochrane38-188-18X18-81-1034
Minty Clinch410-181-188-18X0-3519

Roger Cambray Memorial Shield 2022

This was a One Ball competition held over the Easter weekend culminating in a club lunch followed by the final in which Paul Wolff beat David Long who was last year’s winner.

The competition will also determine our representatives for the national charity 1-ball finals in Surbiton later in the year which is in support of MIND. £150 was raised for that charity.

Founder’s Cup 2021

This is AC played to Advanced rules

It was played on April 9th and won by Robin Brown, beating Joe King in the final. In the semi-finals Robin had beaten Peter Allan and Joe had beaten Deirdre Cochrane.

Prebendal Manor Cup 2021

Holder: Peter Allan

The Prebendal Manor Cup handicap competition has started but I can take new entries for the next week or two. Please click on the button below to record your desire to play in this year’s competition. Please let me know too.

We will be using a flexible Swiss format to advance the 8 players to the finals phase on Saturday September 25th. Players with 2 wins qualify, and players losing their first game will need to play 3 or 4 games to reach qualification.

Initial rounds will be be played as 18pt games with a 2.5 hour time limit, unless both players agree to play a full game with 3 hour time limit.

Games should be played to the laws of handicap play using your official CA handicap as per the CA website. If as a result of a win or loss your reach a trigger point, then your handicap changes for subsequent games and should be updated on the CA website accordingly.

Round 1 fixtures, to be played by August 24th

Steve vs Peter

Andy vs Anthony

Brian vs David Long

Claire vs Edmund

Minty vs John

SC Ladder 2021

All Short Croquet games count on the ladder. All club members are invited to get involved.


Joe King10246
Anthony Hardwicke10222
Carol Jamieson10147
Peter Allan10111
Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli10012
Paul Wolff9913
David Long9901
Brian Jamieson9925
Steve Fisher9925
Edmund Shirley9802


  • Your initial ladder ranking points are set to 100, and you gain a point for winning a game and drop a point for losing. This means the ladder should remain balanced if some players play more games with other playing less. Your ladder position is determined by ladder ranking points.

Charity one-ball 2021

The winner from each day will go along to the finals in Surbiton. These will be determined by reference to wins, who beat whom and then points scored.

All games are played to handicap. There is a chart for adjusting AC handicaps in the CA tournament regulations, subject to a maximum of 20 for 1-ball. For a game we then calculate the difference and divide by three, rounding to the nearest half bisque.



Please note that the ranking in the table below only takes account of the number of wins. This will be corrected.

john harrison1X6-1313-119-1313-913-913-94367
Andrew C Robertson113-6X7-1313-1111-1313-413-841570
Anthony Hardwicke111-1313-7X13-1112-1313-1013-641575
Paul Wolff113-911-1311-13X13-813-1013-941274
Joe King59-1313-1113-128-13X4-1313-93-1160
Robin Brown69-134-1310-1310-1313-4X13-82-559
Sandra Millikin79-138-136-139-139-138-13X0-2949

Using the fulll ranking criteria makes Anthony the Saturday winner followed by Andy and then Paul.



Please note that the ranking in the table below only takes account of the number of wins. This will be corrected.

Steve Fisher1X13-1213-510-1313-813-713-952175
Brian Jamieson212-13X12-1313-1113-913-1113-104976
Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli35-1313-12X12-1313-1010-1313-93-466
Minty Clinch313-1011-1313-12X8-1312-1313-113-270
Carol Jamieson38-139-1310-1313-8X13-1113-53366
Peter Allan37-1311-1313-1013-1211-13X13-103-368
Deirdre Cochrane79-1310-139-1311-135-1310-13X0-2454

Using the fulll ranking criteria makes Steve the Sunday winner followed by Brian, Carol, Peter and Minty.

AC Ladder 2021

All games in whatever format count on the ladder, whether full or shortened games, played to handicap or advanced rules, as well as 1-ball games. All club members are invited to get involved.

The id specified is not of a competition

Results so far

The id specified is not of a competition


  • You may challenge any club member to a game, regardless of whether they are on the ladder already or are yet to play their first game. Games should ideally be arranged and played within a week of a challenge being issued.
  • Your initial ladder ranking points are set to 100, and you gain a point for winning a game and drop a point for losing. This means the ladder should remain balanced if some players play more games with other playing less. Your ladder position is determined by ladder ranking points.

Please enter your result below carefully. If you make a mistake please contact Steve Fisher to have the result removed.

Recent results

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Enter results below

If your name is not on the ladder please email Steve Fisher. Joe King will probably take this over in the near future.

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Founder’s Cup 2020

The Founder’s Cup is one of our oldest club trophies. It was originally the Chairman’s Cup, presented by Jolyon Kay, the first Chairman, and founder of the club. It’s played for under the conditions of level play advanced Association Croquet, so the pool of potential winners is usually rather small. Jolyon used to invite those who would compete for it each year. Still, it’s a challenge for the mere mortals among us.

The cup was re-named the Founder’s Cup when the Chairmanship changed.

This year we played on Saturday 10 October, much later in the season than usual. Robin Brown started as the clear favourite, both on form and on the rankings, and didn’t disappoint, winning all his games and taking the tankard home with him – not for the first time!


  • Round 1: Robin beat Paul +24, Nick beat Deirdre, and Joe beat Avril.
  • Round 2: Robin beat Nick, Joe beat Paul +25, and Deirdre and Avril wisely settled for a draw at equal hoops after long play out in the cold.
  • Final: Robin beat Joe +26tp in double-quick time.

Sadly, we couldn’t manage the usual tournament lunch under present restrictions.