Champagne moments

in a late season surge, Andy Robertson blitzed the opposition to win the 2021 Prebendal Cup., Did he relax into his game because he’d decided to give up Treasurer’s role after seven long accountable years? At Thursday’s AGM, he received the trophy, the gratitude of his peers and vintage fizz,, presented by Paul Wolff. (above). Despite being ruled out of croquet for the past eight weeks following accidents in his home, Edmund Shirley has stepped up to replace him. Welcome Edmund. – and come back soon.

Paul soon returned to centre stage to receive his laudatory pink champagne after he resigned as chairman . Luckily for Blewbury Croquet Club, he hasn’t let go completely. Where would the committee be without such an inspirational founder member.. No words can do justice to his successor, Joe King. He is tireless in his campaign to make Blewbury’s courts fit for champions – as world class players have confirmed. – and he generously shares his expertise with rapid improvers and wannabes alike., His email overload will now become as tsunami. Best of luck,, Joe.,