Autumn maintenance starts Monday 27th

We are heading towards the end of the regular summer season with the finals of the Prebendal Manor Cup being played this Saturday (25th). As we have done in the last few years, we will, be starting the Autumn maintenance immediately thereafter, whilst the turf is warm enough for the grass to thrive through the various treatments.

We have experienced excellent playing conditions on the lawns this year, and our lawns have become widely known in croquet circles as some of the best around. This is the result of careful ‘greens keeping’ by Chris Bateman, tireless mowing and hole filling by John Garnett, Mick Moore and Duncan Sinclair, and the regular annual maintenance programmes. So we want to maintain this quality and our Autumn programme is again designed to do exactly that.


The scope of the Autumn maintenance is slightly broader this year. There will be moss and fertiliser treatments applied alongside the chafer grub spray to keep the lawn in good condition. As in previous years we will be carrying out a thorough scarification to tease out some of the remaining thatch. We anticipate that the lawns will be closed for around 2 weeks, in order for them to recover after the processes have been applied. This will take us into the first half of October.


We are all aware that some hills and troughs have begun to develop in certain (and sometimes critical) areas. We want to start to address those and so a new feature is that plan to apply some top dressing selectively. This will begin to address some of the worst troughs identified by the recent lawns survey and in time will even things out. There will be a fuller report on the survey presented at the AGM in October. As this will likely require some time for the treated area to grow through/assimilate the top dressing, we will likely focus on one lawn so that the other can reopen first.

I’ll update the website with information as to the progress and the likely reopening dates for the lawn(s) for play.


During the lawns closure the hoops are going to be sand-blasted and resprayed to remove the rust and to return them to a pristine condition.

If you want any more information please contact me.

Joe King