Covid Precautions: Issue 12 (effective 19th July)

Although formal lockdown measures are now being lifted, Covid-19 is still endemic and currently spreading quickly. Please continue to observe the advice that follows, as recommended by the Croquet Association (CA):

  1. DO NOT GO TO THE CLUB IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 (including those typical of “only” a cold or flu). Use the NHS helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.
  2. For track and trace:
    • USE THE ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM before coming to the club; and
    • SCAN THE DISPLAYED QR CODE on your phone (if possible) on arrival
  3. Familiarise yourself with our club’s rule and risk assessment:
    • KEEP DOORS AND WINDOWS OPEN to ventilate both the Clubhouse and “The John”;
    • MAINTAIN STRICT HYGIENE STANDARDS both by washing you hands and by wiping down surfaces and equipment after use – particularly after touching internal surfaces such as toilets, door handles or taps; or after borrowing club mallets.
  4. Please be aware that other players may be more vulnerable than you, and respect their need for social distancing:
    • unless agreed by other party(ies), CONTINUE TO RESPECT THE 2-METRE RULE;
    • AVOID CONGESTION IN THE CLUBHOUSE and particularly the kitchen area;
    • CAR SHARING IS NOW PERMITTED, but is a matter of individual choice.
  5. As far as possible, please DRESS APPROPRIATELY PRIOR TO TRAVELLING to the club, rather than changing there.

NB. we are now ending our club mallet loan scheme. Please RETURN ALL CLUB MALLETS TO THE CLUBHOUSE, for our increasing pool of new members, rather than keeping them for your own use.