Covid-19: club rules from 21 June, with provision for guest players

We all know that the rules, regulations and guidance keep changing, yet the club is keeping up as best we can. Our latest set of guidelines, which we must treat as binding, are here on this web site. They are intended to be self-contained and consistent with current Government and Croquet Association advice.

Please take the time to read through them.

The one significant change from previous advice is that Club members may now invite guests to play, provided always that the rules about guests are followed. These are:

  • guests may only play at off-peak times, outside the peak 1:30-5:30 periods on Mondays through Fridays;
  • you must include your guests’ names in your court booking;
  • you must make sure your guests know the rules too, and follow them;
  • you must pay the guest fee of £5 per guest per session to the club, by bank transfer if you possibly can, and tell the Treasurer, preferably by email, what your payment is for.