Doubles Play now allowed

Following the Government’s relaxations of lockdown rules from June 1st, and advice received from the Croquet Association, the Committee have agreed that, with immediate effect:

  • All members may now book the courts for doubles as well as singles matches. Double-banked games (whether singles or doubles) are still not allowed. All players involved in any game must be named on the booking system, to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.
  • Members may now make (or be included in) a maximum of 2 bookings ahead (eg to make one booking, and to be named in one other booking made by another member). Additionally, competition organisers may book further slots for members, as necessary for them to compete in any event/tournament.
  • Slots of 2.5 hours may now be booked outside our peak times (Mon-Fri, 1.30-5.30). Bookings within (or overlapping) those hours remain limited to 90 minutes.
  • 1 coach or spectator is allowed per court with any booking (ie a total of 5 people may be on club premises for any booked slot). Such coaches/spectators must also be named on the relevant booking, for contact-tracing purposes.

Please inform the Secretary at earliest opportunity if you or any other member you’re aware of starts to exhibit Covid-19 symptoms. No-one with such symptoms should visit the Club.

In making these changes, all other rules/restrictions & cleaning standards remain as previously published. In particular, the Committee reiterate that members should:

  • be careful in maintaining the social distancing rule at all times, but to be especially careful during doubles play. 2m distance approximates to 2 mallet lengths held with arms outstretched.
  • bring your own chairs, if any are required. The white plastic chairs are not to be used, and use of the wooden bench is to be avoided as much as possible.

The Committee will continue to monitor adherence of these rules, and may retract these relaxations if they are abused.