Setting up a club competition

All club competitions should be recorded such that they are automatically referenced by the Competitions page. It is the purpose of this page to explain how to go about this.

To get started look at the existing competitions page and create a post with a title of the competition name followed by a space and a year. For competitions that have been played before please use exactly the same name. To make it appear a competition rather than a news item then select the post category to match the competition. For a new competition please ask the webmaster to create a suitable post category for you.

The post should be created as early in the year as possible so that our members know what is planned. You should then maintain it throughout the season. The main development stages of a post should be something along the lines of:

  1. Create the competition post as early as possible with whatever you know or are planning
  2. Add a signup form. The signup form allows people to register their interest and optionally answer some questions. There is another element you can add which lists who has signed up. People like to know who else has signed up. The signup form has other benefits:
    • People can change their mind and unsubscribe
    • People can see (at the top of the competitions page) all that they have signed up to.
  3. Once the signup form is in place send an email to the members to promote the competition and invite people to sign up.
  4. Once your deadline has passed take away the signup form.
  5. Set up the mechanism to store the results. There are a number of these in existence for different formats and others can be coded.
  6. You will probably want to replace the mechanism for storing results with a simple results table when all the results are in.

There are some instructions at an external wiki. However you will probably need some help from the webmaster to get things going as you may not have sufficient privileges to do what is necessary. Don’t hesitate to ask for help – and this web page will be improved.