Committee Decisions Register

CoronavirusOpening conditions2021-04-02The club may re-open on March 29th, as long as Government's roadmap date holds.
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-11-01Courts must close for Lockdown 2.0, unless CA declare exemption from HM GovernmentY
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-08-01Bin to be re-instigated in the clubhouse (WC)
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-08-01De-restriction of booking slots; lifting of ban on use of clubhouse chairs
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-07-01Lockdown restrictions relaxed (eg allowing up to 10 on club premises at any time)
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-05-01Establishment of club mallet loan schemeY
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-05-01Club to reopen (17/5) on limited terms in line with CA precautions
CoronavirusOpening conditions2020-04-01Club closed due to Covid
CoronavirusInsurance2020-07-01All portable electric items to be disconnected in clubhouse, pending PAT testingY
CoronavirusInsurance2020-05-01Risk assessment completed and approved
CoronavirusInsurance2020-04-01Premises not unoccupied as long as someone (eg groundsman) visits weekly, checking locks and plumbingY
MembershipsCA numbers2020-08-01Agreed membership nos. to submit to CA for 2021 fees
MembershipsCA numbers2019-11-01Agreed membership nos. to submit to CA for 2020 fees
MembershipsCA numbers2019-03-01Agreed membership nos. to submit to CA for 2019 fees
MembershipsCA numbers2018-10-01(AGM) To offer CA membership to all BCC members, registering with CA
MembershipsInduction2020-07-01New induction process agreed for trials on new members
MembershipsSafeguarding2020-01-01Sue to provide Safeguarding training as relevant, once new CA guidance published
MembershipsSafeguarding2019-07-01Sue Jenkins agreed as Safeguarding Officer, with policy documents adopted
MembershipsSafeguarding2019-05-01Need for safeguarding policy, given Avril's coaching at Abingdon School
MembershipsGuest policies2019-07-01"3 free coaching sessions, then you have to join"
MembershipsGuest policies2019-01-01Distinction between paying Guests, and non-paying Visitors (ie spectators, or away teams)
MembershipsCategories2019-01-01(EGM) Membership cats. Changed in new constitution, esp.: "Junior" members now <25, in line with CA
MembershipsRecruitment2020-03-01Recruitment sub-group to be discontinued
MembershipsRecruitment2020-01-01Agreement to limit club membership to around an optimal 60 active members (not to exclude wider recruits, though to consider introducing a waiting list if necessary)
MembershipsRecruitment2019-11-01Resurrection of BCC's strap-line "Croquet for All", with associated "offer statement"
MembershipsRecruitment2019-07-01Intent to attend BBC Countryfile event at Blenheim
MembershipsRecruitment2018-11-01To register for a slot in the Blewbury Clubs & Societies Jan open morning
MembershipsHonoraria2018-10-01(AGM) Election of Bernadine Shirley-Smith as an honorary member
FinanceAccounts2020-11-01(pending AGM) Stuart Parks confirmed willing to remain as Accounts Examiner for 2021
FinanceAccounts2020-08-01(pending AGM) Formal accounts for 2019 agreed for presentation to Stuart Parks (subsequently signed-off)
FinanceAccounts2019-10-01(AGM) 2018 Accounts approved
FinanceAccounts2019-10-01(AGM) Stuart Parks approved as Accounts Examiner for 2019
FinanceAccounts2019-10-01(AGM) Approval of 2017 Accounts
FinanceAccounts2018-10-01(AGM) Stuart Parks approved as Accounts Examiner (rather than "Auditor") for 2018
FinanceSubscription Fees2020-11-01(pending AGM) 2021 Subscriptions proposed to remain as per 2020 (ie £150/£270/£80/£35)
FinanceSubscription Fees2019-10-01(AGM) 2020 Subscription rates/discounts agreed
FinanceSubscription Fees2018-10-01(AGM) 2019 Subscription rates/discounts agreed
FinancePurchasing2020-11-01All purchases must get quotes signed-off by treasurer, even if budget provision previously made
FinanceGrants2020-07-01£1700 costs allocated against the predicated Grant received from Sport England (mower repairs, water bill, groundsman)
FinanceGrants2020-05-01Apply for a grant from Community Emergency Fund (via Sport England)
FinanceGrants2020-03-01Not to apply for grant from UK Sport for club's affected by winter flooding
FinanceMembers costs2019-09-01Members should not be charged any fees for entering internal club competitions
FinanceMembers costs2019-09-01Members' fee for clubhouse keys to rise to £10 from 2020
FinanceLawn hire rates2019-07-01"Corporate hire rate" to be generalised as "private hire rate"
FinanceLawn hire rates2020-03-012020 Lawn hire to external clubs confined to weekends only
FinanceLawn hire rates2019-05-01Hire charges agreed: Other clubs = CA rate; member rates (off-peak) = £25 per court;
Corporate hires = £5 per person, subject to £60 minimum
FinanceLawn hire rates2019-03-012019 Lawn hire to external clubs only when convenient to playing schedule
FinanceFinancial Year2019-04-01(EGM) New Constitution agreed, changing financial year to become Jan-Dec
FinanceExpenses2019-03-01Proactively pay Melland Room for previous (non-invoiced AGMs)
FinanceExpenses2019-01-01Agreed recategorisations for expenses in our Accounts
FinanceExpenses2018-10-01(and repeatedly periodically thereafter) Mick Moore to provide monthly water readings
FinanceExpenses2018-10-01Parish Council paid for next 3 years (ie next Ground Rent only due Oct 2021)
LawnCourt sizes2020-08-01Courts to move to 6/7 size for winter once 2020 competitions finished
LawnCourt sizes2018-11-01To limit court sizes to 6/7 for winter play
LawnHoop-holes2019-05-01All hoops to be kept at 1/16" clearance; members not to hammer hoops too far into ground
LawnIrrigation2020-08-01Paul/Joe to investigate bore hole option and additional water storage needs
LawnIrrigation2020-07-01Joe to get quotes for moving irrigation rotor heads
LawnIrrigation2019-09-01Agree to gain advice from STRI re lawns
LawnLevelling2020-08-01Joe to accelerate plans to survey the lawn, eg using 2 members of same household for close proximity work
LawnMower2020-07-01Decision: no evidence to support claim against manufacturer for mower repairs
LawnMower2020-04-01Joe to check mower frame (May update = via written assessment), to see if retrospective claim due for misalignment
LawnMower2020-04-01Next mower repairs to be carried out by Chris Bateman's colleague
LawnMower2020-01-01Mower repair quotes rejected as higher than budget
LawnMower2019-07-01Alternative suppliers wanted for mower maintenance - maybe Champions of Wallingford
LawnMower2019-05-01Chris disputing £500 quoted mower repair cost
LawnWaterlogging2020-11-01Joe would buy a water meter, as an objective means of deciding whether lawns too wet to use
LawnWaterlogging2020-04-01Courts dry enough to reopen, at Joe's discretion
LawnWaterlogging2020-01-01Lawns to be closed now due to waterlogging
LawnWaterlogging2020-01-01Lawns Manager authorised to close the lawns at any time he sees it necessary for their protection
LawnWeeds/Pests2020-08-01Joe to spray against chafer beetles/weeds again early 2021
LawnWeeds/Pests2020-08-01Joe to use targeted appeals when weeding etc work-parties needed
LawnWeeds/Pests2020-08-01Courts closure for scarification etc agreed for late Sept/early Oct
LawnWeeds/Pests2020-07-01More weedkilling required
LawnWeeds/Pests2020-05-01To apply broad-leaf spray to deal with weeds encroaching from TFF
LawnWeeds/Pests2019-09-01Autumn closure approved for lawn treatment (late Sept)
LawnWeeds/Pests2019-09-01Spend authorised on lawn treatments (£150 hire of scarifier, ca. £300 sand, £367 nematode treatment)
LawnWeeds/Pests2019-07-01Need agreed for medium-term grounds improvement plan, likely to include serial courts closure over autumn/winter
LawnWeeds/Pests2019-03-01Budget of £1k for spring lawn renovations, incl. labour costs
LawnWhite-lining2020-08-01Paul, David V, David L all offered to do more white-lining
LawnWhite-lining2019-05-01Volunteer needed (following Jenny Hedge's departure) to co-ordinate white-lining (reiterated Sep-19 and subsequently)
ClubhouseBall-markers2020-11-01Spare croquet markers to be sold at 50p per bag of 5
ClubhouseHoops & Balls2020-08-01Joe to replace hoops in time for start of next season, as soon as CA's new supplier contract in place
ClubhouseHoops & Balls2020-08-01Joe to buy planned Dawson secondary balls Jan-Mar 2021 ready for start of next season
ClubhouseHoops & Balls2020-07-01Steve to arrange auction of club balls once new Dawson sets acquired
ClubhouseHoops & Balls2020-01-012020 budget provision made for new hoops and balls
ClubhouseHoops & Balls2019-09-01Agreement to build club funds to cover future hoops/balls replacement
ClubhouseMallets2019-07-01Agreement to shorten Jacques mallets (as well as one already in-hand) for potential child use
ClubhouseLocks2020-07-01John G to try to fix locks; but - if new lock required - then Combination Lock wanted rather than reissuing keys
ClubhouseLocks2020-04-01Joe to deprioritise need for combination lock
ClubhouseLocks2019-09-01Look at replacing clubhouse lock with combination, given no of keys now circulating (incl ex-members)
ClubhouseElectrical2020-04-01Joe to accelerate electrical maintenance / upgrade work due
ClubhouseElectrical2019-07-01Combine all electrical work (Hot Water, PAT testing, Re-siting fridge socket to make room for microwave),
into a single job more attractive to any electrician
ClubhouseElectrical2019-05-01Agreement to check space for Microwave before committing (NB David S also offering a small spare)
ClubhouseElectrical2019-04-01(EGM) Offer by Susan T to provide a spare Microwave for use in the clubhouse
ClubhouseElectrical2018-11-01To spend up to a max budget of £500 on hot water in the clubhouse (reconfirmed at EGM)
PlayingCoaching2020-08-01Paul to set up regular AC coaching/playing opportunities on Thursday afternoons
PlayingCoaching2019-10-01(AGM) Paul agreed to find additional coach for GC players, if appropriate type of session could be agreed
PlayingCoaching2019-05-01Agreement to run Sat a.m. beginner sessions up to 8th June
PlayingCoaching2019-03-01more opportunities for coaching/development of more able players
PlayingCoaching2019-03-01Agreement to try to mix abilities in club sessions
PlayingFixture list2019-11-01Fixtures agreed for 2020, subject to detailed time-tabling
PlayingFixture list2019-03-01Playing Schedule & Fixtures agreed for 2019
PlayingFixture list2019-01-01To enter a 2nd GC handicap league team, if enough players interested
PlayingFixture list2018-11-01Which fixtures to enter in 2019 season, for 2019 calendar
PlayingNCD2020-01-01Try & Buy day for CA mallets to be combined with next season's NCD open day
PlayingNCD2019-05-01Plans agreed for NCD 2019
AdminBooking calendar2019-03-01Approval of new website booking system (rendering redundant need for whatsapp groups)
AdminBooking calendar2018-11-01To develop new club booking calendar
AdminCASC2020-03-01Annual review must confirm/minute that at least 50% members had been active 12+ times p.a. (CASC criteria)
AdminInternal Comms2020-08-01Need for a "Friends of BCC" mailing list dismissed as unnecessary
AdminInternal Comms2020-07-01Committee distribution list is for internal use of the Committee only
AdminInternal Comms2020-07-01Mailing list names agreed, linking "Anyone for a Game" from Team-up if possible
AdminInternal Comms2020-01-01Creation of Comms working group, to review comms mechanisms (eg problems with mailing lists, non-use of WhatsApp, etc)
AdminInternal Comms2019-01-01Set-up of Whatsapp groups for members wanting to arrange games
AdminPostcodes2020-11-01Committee prefers to use the 9HB, rather than the 9HF postcode, at least for directions (cf Website entry Sep-19)
AdminProcedure2019-11-01Agreement of 4 priority sub-c'tees for development focus: Internal Comms, Social, Recruitment, Coaching
AdminProcedure2019-07-01Creation of Admin folder, held in the clubhouse
AdminProcedure2019-01-01Agreement to copy Committee minutes across whole membership, for transparency
AdminProcedure2019-01-01Agreed changes to constitution, for proposal to EGM (some pre-authorised in Nov-18 meeting)
AdminProcedure2018-11-01To take appropriate actions to comply with GDPR
AdminRoles2020-11-01Secretary to set up a Decisions log
AdminRoles2020-08-01Agreed rec'n from Comms group for a website content editor (in lieu of wider "Comms Secretary")
AdminRoles2020-07-01Secretary to maintain members list on the Website
AdminRoles2020-03-01Comms group to determine need for a potential Comms Secretary (internal & external comms)
AdminRoles2020-03-01Further amendments to Roles/Responsibilities document agreed
AdminRoles2020-01-01Club Captains to be nominated to CA as prime handicappers (+ authorised support from Nick Butler, AC; Steve Fisher, GC)
AdminRoles2019-11-01Secretary to take over Membership Secretary and Blewbury Bulletin roles that June held
AdminRoles2019-11-01Andy to be responsible for petty cash and guest fee collections, taking over from June
AdminRoles2019-11-01Andy to take over from June both club-house cleaning / supplies & 1st-aid book, pending identification of other owners
AdminRoles2019-10-01(AGM) Steve Fisher elected to Committee as June Wolff stood down
AdminRoles2019-05-01Joe authorised as new lawn manager, with David Seed stepping back from the role
AdminRoles2019-01-01Agreement to use formal JDs for main club officers, but simpler task lists for other volunteers
AdminRoles2019-01-01Agree Joe as AC captain, replacing Nick Butler
AdminRoles2018-11-01To appoint Chris Bateman as groundsman, subject to suitable terms
AdminRoles2018-11-01To spread responsibilities around multiple club volunteers, reporting to committee members
AdminRoles2018-10-01(AGM) Appointment of 2019 officers/committee, incl chair/secretary following Deirdre's accident
AdminSocial2019-11-01Agreement to run a winter social (quiz)
AdminSocial2019-10-01(AGM) Volunteers received to form a social working group
AdminSocial2018-10-01Agreement to run a winter social as adjunct to required EGM (ideally Feb 2019)
AdminWebsite2019-10-01(AGM) Agreement to refresh photos on the club website
AdminWebsite2019-09-01(Web sub-c'tee) Agreement to new website content (incl. post-code), & switchover pre-AGM
AdminWebsite2019-07-01Closure of website sub-committee; incorporation of actions into main meeting minutes
AdminWebsite2019-05-01Setting up of website review group to update structure and content