GC All England Handicap 2022

Blewbury will be running a preliminary round of the national GC Handicap Competition in June.

With 12 entrants three people can go forward to an area final for which you can choose between Surbiton on the 25th July and Phyllis Court on 10 August. The national final will be at Wrest Park on 10th and 11th September.

It will be played using the Extra Strokes handicap system. People have been allocated dates as shown below:

Wednesday 1 June: Minty Clinch, Edmund Shirley, Carol Wadsworth, Sue Jenkins, David Grinstead, Brian Jamieson

Saturday 11 June: Steve Fisher, Susan Tillcock, Sandy Millikin, David Long, David Vincent, Rosemary Balsdon

The format on each day will be all- play-all.  These will be one game matches so everyone will be playing five games.

The top three players will be decided by:

  1. Number of wins
  2. Hoop difference
  3. Who beat whom
  4. Penalty shoot-out (or toss of coin if date for shoot-out can’t be arranged)

Entry Fee is £8 per player (this does not go to the club). This should be paid by BACS   to Carol’s bank account by Sunday 17 April.  If you would rather pay cash to Carol that is fine. 
Name – H C Jamieson
Sort Code –  08-92-86
Account number – 03173581