SC Jolyon Kay Memorial Trophy

To join in please send an email to to have your name entered, issue a challenge, play the game and enter the result below.

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Duncan Sinclair10411
Steve Fisher10112
Peter Allan9912
Susan Tilbrook9601

Details of the format

Each player is initially assigned a number of ranking points. If a player beats a player of the same ranking then four points are transferred from the loser to the winner. However beating a higher ranked player results in more points being transferred and vice versa. Winning or losing a game may change your handicap but this change has no impact on the ranking points

You may challenge any club member to a game, regardless of whether they are on the ladder already or are yet to play their first game. Failure to accept the challenge and play the game within two weeks results in a maximum score being recorded for the challnger and 0 for the person who failed to play. Such results do not go on handicap cards as regular results would. There is one exception: if you challenge someone who is away from the area (such as on holiday) then there is no expectation that they will play.

It is recommended that a player before taking a long holiday informs the webmaster so that they do not receive challenges in their absence and informs him/her when they return. You must play a minimum number of games to win, so don't have yourself marked as absent too frequently.

Initial ladder ranking points are set to 100 for those playing their first game before the 16th June, otherwsie players start with 96. A player's position is determined by ranking points, then wins, then net wins (#wins – #losses).

The number of points transferred is given in the table below.

Difference in ranking points before the gameIf player with higher ranking points winsIf player with lowere ranking points wins

In the event that two players have the same index, number of wins and net wins then who-beat-whom amongst the tied players, and finally net points will be applied manually at 23:59 on the 18th August to decide upon the four best players to take part in the finals to be held on the 25th August. Only players having played at least six games are eligible for the finals though this threshold will be reduced if necessary to get four players.

The finals format has been chosen to give an advantage to the two players who have done best.

  • Qualifier 1 – Player 1 vs Player 2 (the loser gets a second chance)
  • Eliminator – Player 3 vs Player 4 (will be played at the same time as qualifier 1 and, as it’s name suggests, eliminates one player)
  • Qualifier 2 – Winner of Eliminator vs loser of Qualifier 1
  • Final – between the two qualifier winners