Prebendal Manor Cup 2022

Holder: Andy Robertson

The Prebendal is the Club’s internal AC handicap competition, open to all. This year’s qualifying stages are to be played May-August, leading to a finals day on Saturday, September 24th.

Entering and viewing results

Find your block below – you will only be allowed to enter a result against someone you should be playing. Enter the result of each match as you go along. Blocks in which you are not drawn will say “Sorry you are not competing in this event”. All results should be recorded on handicap cards. As usual, if you pass a trigger point, please amend your handicap accordingly for subsequent games; both on the CA website, and in this site’s list of members.

Look below for more details.

Group A

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Group B

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Duncan Sinclair1X18-111718
Anthony Hardwicke21-18X0-171
David Seed2X000
Claire King2X000

Group C

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Brian Jamieson1X18-711118
Peter Allan2X000
john harrison27-18X0-117
Edmund Shirley2X000

Group D

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Competition Format:

The first round of the competition will be played in 4 round-robin blocks, each of 4 players, which have now been drawn – as follows:

A. Andy Robertson (holder), Paul Wolff, Steve Fisher, Sandra Millikin.

B. Anthony Hardwicke, Duncan Sinclair, David Seed, Claire King.

C. Peter Allan, Brian Jamieson, John Harrison, Edmund Shirley.

D. Joe King, Deirdre Cochrane, Minty Clinch, David Long.

Everyone should arrange and complete their 3 block matches by end-July. Given the anticipated pressure on lawn availability later this season, I would urge players to try to front-load these games as far as possible.

The Top 2 from each block will progress to quarter-finals, with block winners seeded apart. Places in each block will be decided at the end-July cut-off point by the following criteria:

  1. Number of wins
  2. Results of match(es) between tied players
  3. If players are still tied at that point, then the higher position will be awarded to whoever’s 3rd match result was recorded first on the website (or their 2nd one if all tied players only managed to play 2 games by the cut-off date, etc.). So get those results loaded up asap!

Quarter-finals should be played during August (or earlier, if everyone finishes their block games sooner). Semi-finals and final will then be played together at the Finals Day, on Saturday Sept 24th.

Any ambiguities or extenuating circumstances affecting these rules will be resolved by reference to std. AC tournament rules, else at Tournament Managers’ discretion.

Game Format:

All matches except the Final should be played as 18pt games (1 and 3-back variation – as per AC rule 51.2.3) with a 2.5 hour time-limit. The Final will be contested as a 26pt game with a longer limit (eg 3 or 3.5 hrs, dependent on the playing conditions on the day).

Games will be played as handicaps, using a base of 9:

  • in games involving at least one player of handicap less than 9, normal bisque alloctions apply, subject to the standard reduction for 18pt games. eg player A (handicap = 4) vs player B (handicap = 16): B is allocated 12 bisques, reduced to 8.5.
  • if both players have handicaps of 9 or more, each player gets a number of bisques equal to the difference between their handicap and 9, reduced according to the schedule for 18pt games. eg player C (10) vs player D (11): C is allocated 1 bisque, reduced to 0.5; D is allocated 2 bisques, reduced to 1.5.

Games cannot end in a draw: the standard extra turns procedure (AC rule 61) should be followed if scores are level when the time-limit is reached.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to help.

David Long (07484 360169;