Covid-19 restrictions: Issue 6

As reported in the recently circulated Minutes of the Committee meeting of 25th August, we agreed that the rules about booking the courts were now more complicated than they needed to be, so they have been considerably relaxed. Members may now book any free slot on the calendar without restriction – but use restraint please. It still remains essential to show the full names of all players, coaches or spectators involved.

Another relaxation concerns the clubhouse plastic chairs. If you want to use one, it will be at your own risk. We strongly urge you to clean and sanitise it yourself before you use it, and as a courtesy to your fellow-members, to do the same as you put it away afterwards.

The latest issue of the Covid-19 precautions listing also has the great merit of being the shortest yet! Please take a good look.

And a couple more changes at the clubhouse. We’ve put an open waste bin in the WC to cope with the overflow of used towels and wipes that people keep forgetting to take away themselves when they leave; and a dispenser bottle of hand sanitiser gel will be there too, after today.