GC Ladder

See instructions below


A player on the ladder may challenge any player above them. A player not yet on the ladder may challenge anyone who is on the ladder or anyone who is not.

The challenge is resolved by a single 13 point level play game. After the game:

  • If the challenger wins, he enters the result in the games list with the date, his name, the losers name and, optionally, the score. The ladder will then be updated automatically, placing the winner in the loser’s position and moving the loser and all below down one place. If a game is entered between two players not yet on the ladder they are added at the bottom with the winner first.
  • Whatever the result both players must enter it on their handicap card using the level play table to determine index changes.

When a challenge is made the game should normally be played within one week. The challenger should offer a reasonable number of time-slots. If the person challenged cannot play within a week without good reason (holiday, illness etc) they should be prepared to concede the game to the challenger which affects the ladder – but there is no record to be added to the handicap card.

The ladder is fully online – and you can enter your result online from your smartphone, tablet or PC (or email David Vincent if you prefer) and the updated ladder will be visible above.

When entering results you must enter the date, the winner (from a pull down menu of names) and the loser. You may also record the score. Inconsistencies are indicated by a highlighted cell or cells with a pale brown colour. The date (which must not be in the future) can be entered in a variety of formats.