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Welcome to the AC ladder competition. All games in whatever format count on the ladder, whether full or shortened games, played to handicap or advanced rules, as well as 1-ball games. All club members are invited to get involved.

  • Playing your first game will add you to the ladder.
  • You may challenge any club member to a game, regardless of whether they are on the ladder already or are yet to play their first game. Games should ideally be arranged and played within a week of a challenge being issued.
  • Your initial ladder ranking points are set to 100, and you gain a point for winning a game and drop a point for losing. This means the ladder should remain balanced if some players play more games with other playing less. Your ladder position is determined by ladder ranking points. If a tie break is required then games won and percentage of games won are considered.

There will be an overall prize for the player at the top of the ladder at the end of the ladder competition later this season. But there will also be recognition for the player who wins most games in each 3-week period, starting today.

The ladder is fully online – and you can enter your result online from your smartphone, tablet or PC (or email Joe King if you prefer) and the updated ladder will be visible above.

When entering results you must enter the date, the winner (from a pull down menu of names) and the loser. You may also record the format of the game and the score. Inconsistencies are indicated by a highlighted cell or cells with a pale brown colour. The date (which must not be in the future) can be entered in a variety of formats.