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The Founder's Cup - the Club's Level Advanced association croquet championship

Manager Deirdre Cochrane - Played on Bank Holiday Monday, 26th August

Seven players entered, which made the usual single-life knockout format possible, with a first round bye given to the holder, Nick Butler.

As the format was level play, and two of our members are head and shoulders ahead of the rest of us in terms of skill and ability, it was no surprise that the two finalists were, once again, Nick and Robin Brown. This year it was Robin who took the cup.


Round 1:
Robin Brown beat Deirdre Cochrane +23tp
David Spear beat Bruce Gallop +1(t)
Paul Wolff beat Andy Robertson +1(t)
Nick Butler (bye)
Robin beat David +20
Nick beat Paul +15
Robin beat Nick +18

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Handicap League
(Round 5 - final round this season)

Blewbury vs Harwell, scheduled for two games at each club - Wednesday 14 August, 5.30pm

A rather damp evening. Unfortunately we played one short, and only Andy managed a win, so we lost the match 1-3.


Blewbury names first. At Blewbury:
Paul Wolff (4˝) lost to Mike Duck (12) -20
Second game conceded to Kevin Colton
At Harwell:
Andy Robertson (8) beat Steve Fisher (16) +3(t)
Bruce Gallop (10) lost to Helen Walker (14) -17

The Blewbury and Harwell Weekend Handicap Tournament (Association Croquet)

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August, on both clubs' courts.
Manager: Nick Butler

Our second open Croquet Association tournament of the year seemd to be a success, judging by the number of competitors from other clubs who came, played croquet, enjoyed our hospitality, and declared that they would come again next year.

Heartiest congratulations to the eventual winner, Brian Havill, a member of both the Enfield and the Watford croquet clubs, and to his worthy opponent in a close final, John Reynolds from Ealing Croquet Club.

Brian's will be the first name on the trophy.

Blewbury's David Spear won the consolation mug in a play-off against Peter Balchin from the Dyffryn club.

A full report will be along later.

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Handicap League (round 4)

Blewbury vs Eynsham, split between both venues - Thursday 8 August, 5.30pm

At Blewbury, David (Spear) lost to David Spicer -18 after a sensational start, scoring 4 hoops before the fourth ball was on the lawn, while Paul left it very late to beat Jenny Maughan +3 on time, not getting his second clip off hoop 1 until 3/4 hour to go.

At Eynsham, Andy lost to David Lockett after having been ahead for most of the game, while Bruce beat his second high-biquer opponent in consecutive days, Nicholas Goodwin, +6.
That left the match tied at 2-2.


Blewbury names first
Paul Wolff (4˝) beat Jenny Maughan (10) +3t
David Spear (7) lost to David Spicer (9) -18
Andy Robertson (9) lost to David Lockett -6t
Bruce Gallop (10) beat Nicholas Goodwin (24) +6

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Handicap League (round 3)

Blewbury vs Phyllis Court, at Blewbury - Wednesday 7 August, 5.30pm

A golf croquet friendly against Phyllis Court was still in progress when the association match was due to start, so the courts and clubhouse were rather crowded! The teas being consumed on the boundary were a powerful counter-attraction to the match when it got under way.

Chris Roberts played strongly against Paul and won without being seriously threatened. The other three games went to time, with wins for Phyllis Court against both Deirdre and Andy, while their newcomer Raghu Iyer, with 14 bisques available, put up a creditable performance against Bruce, whose experience (and skill!) took him to Blewbury's only win of the evening.
The outcome was a 1-3 defeat for us, and no further prospect of winning the league this year.


Blewbury names first
Paul Wolff (4˝) lost to Chris Roberts (4˝) -13
Deirdre Cochrane (6) lost to Paddy Bunch (12) -6t
Andy Robertson (9) lost to Brian Bucknall (8) -8t
Bruce Gallop (10) beat Raghu Iyer (24) +6t

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Handicap League (round 2, 2nd leg)

Part 2 of the High Wycombe match, on Wednesday 31st July, again at Blewbury.  A 1-1 result on the evening meant Blewbury ran out the overall winners 3-1.

In Andy's match, his opponent's first shot got him in, and he proceeded to get to 10 before safely setting himself up in a corner. By careful use of bisques Andy made a break of 11, with Red on rover. Duncan missed his next critical shot, enabling Andy to get back in, and with more careful use of bisques managed to get his Yellow all the way round, peel Red, and peg them both out with the half bisque unused.
Unfortunately Bruce lost to David Warhurst, -10. Bruce got one ball round to penult, but the other only to 4. David pegged Bruce out, and his other ball, as he only had three hoops to go at that stage.


Andy Robertson (9) beat Duncan Reeve (-˝) +16
Bruce Gallop (10) lost to David Warhurst (9) -10

AC Friendly: Blewbury vs Watford (Cassiobury) South West Tour Team

On Monday 29th July, Blewbury entertained Watford and the two teams tied the match 4-4 at the close of the afternoon session, after adjourning for a pub lunch at 2-2 at the interval. It was the second year that we had entertained Watford on their summer tour, and was as enjoyable as last year, though the weather sent us some heavy but brief showers this time, and lane closures on the motorway delayed our guests' arrival and the games were played to tighter than usual time limits so they could leave for home and conclude their tour at a reasonable hour.

We won both the doubles matches, and while we benefitted in the morning's doubles from the new system for calculating bisques by working from the nominal indexes rather than the handicaps of each player of each side (devised by Simon, one of the opposing pair), David completed the win without recourse to the extra bisques given by the new system. In the singles, a couple of games were played level advanced, the remainder as handicap games.


Blewbury names first.
Morning session:

Paul Wolff (5) & David Seed(16) beat Simon Hathrell (-˝) & Geoff Johnson (7) +14
Deirdre Cochrane (6) lost to Mark Homan (7) -4t (playing level advanced)
Andy Robertson (9) lost to John Bee (5) -7t
Bruce Gallop (10) beat Robin Barry (10) +3t

Afternoon session:

Deirdre Cochrane (6) & Andy Robertson (9) beat Simon Hathrell (-˝) & John Bee (5) +15
Paul Wolff (5) beat Mark Homan (7) +16 (playing level advanced)
Bruce Gallop (10) lost to Geoff Johnson (7) -1t
David Seed(16) lost to Robin Barry (10) -9t

We look forward to repeating the match next year.

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Advanced League (round 2)

This second match came only a week after the first. In the continuing hot, dry weather, with the Blewbury courts showing some distinctly brown areas for our first home fixture in this league, the 6pm evening start time will have been welcome.
On Thursday 11 July Blewbury beat Reading 2-0.


Robin Brown beat Steve Woolnough +21tp
Nick Butler beat Tim Masterson +19

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Advanced League (round 1)

This is a level play league, under advanced rules. Currently, Blewbury hold the trophy. This opening match, against Oxford University, played in The Parks on the evening of Wednesday 3 July, resulted in a 1-1 draw.


Robin Brown lost to Harry Fisher -10
Nick Butler beat Joel Taylor +1

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Handicap League (round 2, 1st leg)

This match against High Wycombe is being played over two evenings, both at Blewbury, as High Wycombe are still waiting on the construction of their new lawns. The first two of the four games were played in the evening of 3 July, when Blewbury went 2-0 up.


Deidre Cochrane (5) beat Geoff Youd (14) +9
Paul Wolff (5) beat Giles Thorman (11) +10

Southern Croquet Federation Golf Croquet Handicap League (round 3)

Blewbury took on Dogmersfield, at home, on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 July, and won 7-5, for our first league win of the season.

The Phyllis Court and Blewbury Midweek Handicap (AC)

Managers: Chris Roberts (Phyllis Court) and Paul Wolff (Blewbury)

This was, as far as we can tell, the Club's very first open Croquet Association tournament, promoted in the CA's Fixtures Calendar 2013. (We have a second such tournament later in the season, at a weekend, jointly with our neighbours Harwell Croquet Club.)

Day one was at Phyllis Court on Wednesday 26 June, during training for Henley Royal Regatta, and Phyllis Court and the river provided a superb background for the eight entrants (a full house). Two blocks of four played on an all-play-all basis, and the winners of the two blocks were the two tournament managers (how embarrassing), while second were Quiller Barrett (Watford) and Ray Hall (Southwick). A most convivial tournament supper at Phyllis Court Club left the entrants well fed and watered in anticipation of the next day.

For day two in Blewbury, on 27 June, our own Andy Robertson had to withdraw due to a dislocated thumb, and David Seed was good enough to step in as a substitute at short notice. David aquitted himself well, with a convincing win in his second game. The two managers each lost their semifinal games, leaving Quiller and Ray to contest the final, which Quiller won. We are absolutely delighted that the President of the Croquet Association won our very first CA tournament, and took home the cup.

Kind messages of thanks and appreciation from competitors afterwards make us keen to run the tournament next year and into the future.

Roger Cambray One-ball

Manager David Spear

This one-ball association croquet competition was played on Sunday 16 June at Hall Barn, while the garden was open to visitors during the Blewbury village Open Gardens weekend.

This year's competition was played as a single all-play-all block and was won by David Spear.

Southern Croquet Federation Association Croquet Handicap League (round 1)

We usually start this league with a match against Oxford University in The Parks, as the Oxford term ends in June and they tend not to be able to travel easily. This year we nearly got them to come to Blewbury, but that fell through, and the match was rearranged for Sunday morning, 9 June. Rather disappointingly, we found ourselves the losers in every game, but had the consolation of being bought a leisurely lunch afterwards in the pub du jour (The Royal Oak, since you ask).

Southern Croquet Federation Golf Croquet Handicap League (round 2)

Played away against Phyllis Court C on Monday 3 June. The result was a 6-6 draw.

Longman Cup - Round 1

Manager David Spear

Blewbury played East Dorset Croquet Club, who made the long journey up here from Poole on Saturday 1st June. The Longman Cup is the national association croquet inter-club handicap competition, run on a knock-out basis. The match followed the standard Longman format of one doubles and two singles games in the morning, followed by four singles in the afternoon.


Blewbury names first.

David Spear (7) & Bruce Gallop(10) v Jenny Dennis (9) & John Speigal (10) -8
Deidre Cochrane (5) v Tim Dennis (6) -8
Paul Wolff (5) v Nigel Parkins (6) +10

1-2 down at lunch, we tried to lull our opponents into overconfidence with lunch in the garden of the Red Lion...

Deidre Cochrane v Nigel Parkins -11
Paul Wolff v Tim Dennis -5
Bruce Gallop v John Speigal -22
David Spear v Jenny Dennis +3

...but to no avail. Sadly for us, Blewbury were therefore knocked out of this year's competition by the score of 2-5 at the first hurdle.

Golf Croquet Ladies Doubles

Manager Susan Tilbrook

The Golf Croquet Ladies Day was held on Wednesday 29th May. Claire Appleyard was the single winner, as we were an odd number, and people played with different partners during the day.

Southern Croquet Federation Golf Croquet Handicap League

The campaign opened at Blewbury on Wednesday 1 May with a match against High Wycombe, who won 8-4.

Golf Croquet Spring Doubles

Manager Susan Tilbrook

The Spring Golf Croquet Doubles were held Tuesday 23rd April.  For most people this was our first game of the season.   It was a perfect, warm, sunny day.  There were 15 players (though some only stayed for one game).   Janet and David Vincent were the overall winners as they won all their games.   Tea and cakes were enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine at the end of a glorious day of play.

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