October 8th
SCF League Final vs. Winchester

The deciding game between the Northern and Southern groups was won convincingly by Blewbury. Nick Butler did well to peel his opponent through two hoops before pegging him out, which changed the complexion of that game. John Spiers had a lucky roquet to snatch a victory from what looked like certain defeat.

  • Nick Butler (2) 26-16 John Shipton (9)
  • Jim Bartlett (16) 26-7 Jeremy Glynn (9)
  • John Spiers (4) 26-24 Ivor Dunn (5)
  • Benson Spiers (12) 26-3 Tony Tizard (6)
October 1st
Mary Rose Final vs. Nottingham (A)
Things didnít begin well as Jolyon was quickly beaten (-19), and Nick had to watch helpless as his ball in the doubles was pegged out. Both sides then had plenty of opportunities to win the game before Kit finally ran the last hoop but kept everyone on the edges of their seats as he needed two attempts to peg out (+5). Attention then turned to the other lawn where John was contesting an even closer match. Again both players were doing their best not to win but John scraped home by the skin of his teeth (+1). The lunch break saw us 2-1 up but it could so easily have been 3-0 down, so a few pints of muscle relaxants were needed to calm the nerves and we went out again with renewed confidence. The difference in play was incredible with Kit racing to victory (+21) closely followed by Nick securing the vital 4th point without giving his opponent a chance (+26). The turn-around in form was completed by Jolyon cruising home (+19). The only blemish of the afternoon was Johns scrappy game where this time it was he that was piped to the post (-2) but by then the cup was secured and celebrations had begun.

  • Nick Butler (2) & Kit Jackson (2.5) beat Peter Death (1) & Gordon Hopewell (2.5) +5
  • John Spiers (4) beat Rick Davies (4.5) +1
  • Jolyon Kay (7) lost to Richard Huxley (3.5) -19
  • Nick Butler beat Peter Death +26 Kit Jackson beat Gordon Hopwell +21
  • John Spiers lost to Richard Huxley -2
  • Jolyon Kay beat Rick Davies +19
September 27th
Mary Rose Cup Semi-Final vs. East Dorset (H)
The lunchtime score was 2-1 in our favour. Deirdre Cochrane had a close game but eventually was overcome by Julie Hudson. In the afternoon, fortified by lunch at the Red Lion, the Blewbury team hit top form and Nick Butler secured a CA Gold Medal with a Triple Peel. The final score was 6-1.

  • Kit Jackson (2.5) & Nick Butler (2) 26- Roy ** (1.5) & John Crowe (2)
  • John Spiers (4) 26-13 Jonathan Wood (4.5)
  • Deirdre Cochrane (8) 20-26 Julie Hudson(3.5)
  • Nick Butler 26- Roy
  • Kit Jackson 26-23 John Crowe
  • John Spiers 26-3 Julie Hudson
  • Deirdre Cochrane 26-10 Jonathan Wood
September 17 th
Autumn Doubles
The tournament was run as 14 point contests with a 90 minute time limit. The final game between Nick & Avril and Jim & Prue was a tense decider that was level when time was called.

Nick Butler & Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli
Jim Bartlett & Prue Adams
John Spiers & Simon Jones
David Spear & Bernadine Shirley-Smith
Kit Jackson & Christabel Jones
August 27/8th
Founders Cup
This tournament was run again on an Advanced Rules level play basis. Six players entered and played a Round Robin. Most games went according to handicap but Benson Spiers and Stuart Parks, in their first Advanced Rules event, managed a few surprises. The former also came closest to defeating the holder, Nick Butler.

Nick Butler
+26 TP
+16 TP
Mike Duck
Jolyon Kay
Stuart Parks
Benson Spiers
John Spiers
August 21st
Mary Rose Cup vs. Woking (H)
At lunch we had secured a 3-0 advantage and were feeling comfortable but wtihin one hour of the afternoon session we were behind in al games and Nick Butler had suffered a rare defeat. The team rallied and the eventual score was 5-2 in our favour. Top performancew of the day was Deirdre Cochrane's fine win against an opponent five handicap steps higher. The semi-final will be against East Dorset, who knocked us out of the Longman Cup earlier in the month.

  • . Kit Jackson (2.5) & Nick Butler (2) 26- Andrew Dutton (1.5) & Nick Harvey (3.5)
  • John Spiers (4.5) 26-1 Steve Battison(4.5)
  • Deirdre Cochrane (8) 26-20 Geoff Cottele (3.5)
  • Nick Butler -26 Andrew Dutton
  • Kit Jackson 26- Nick Harvey
  • John Spiers 26-15 Geoff Cottele
  • Deirdre Cochrane 20-26 Steve Battison
August 10th
SCF Advanced League vs. Winchester
Our final match in the league. A draw overall was enough to guarantee us the league championship.
Nick Butler (2) 26-1 David Nicholson (0)
Kit Jackson (2.5) 21 - 26 David Hind (1.5)
August 7th
Longman Cup vs. East Dorset
The fast lawns of Parkstone were bound to cause problems for Blewbury. In the morning our doubles pairing were overwhelmed but the singles matches were closely fought. We seemed likely to extract at least one win but after time had been called both games were lost by a single point. In the afternoon we needed to emulate the Australian cricket team and then go further. It looked encouraging after an early win but ultimately the task proved too great. 5-2 to Parkstone and the end of our quest to retain the Longman Cup.

  • John Spiers (4.5) & Benson Spiers (12) 9-26 Jonathan Wood (4) & David Kendrick (11)
  • Deirde Cochrane (8) 14-15 David Williams(12)
  • Stuart Parks (10) 18-19 Peter Shepheard (7)
  • John Spiers (4.5) 26-12 Jonathan Wood (4)
  • Deirde Cochrane (8) 15-19 Peter Shepheard (7)
  • Stuart Parks (10) 20-13 David Kendrick (11)
  • Benson Spiers (12) 12-22 David Williams(12)
August 3rd
SCF League vs. Harwell
For the first time this season Blewbury failed to win but a 2-2 draw was more than sufficient to ensure that the club finished top of the Northern group.

  • Nick Butler (2.5) 26-4 Steve Fisher (16)
  • Stuart Parks (10) 0-26 Peter Mansfield (16)
  • Jim Bartlett (16) 17-22 Mike Duck (9)
  • Chris Balshaw (18) 26-14 Roy Platon (12)
July 20th
SCF Advanced League vs. Aldermaston
Nick Butler played sublimely and achieved a comfortable win in little over an hour with a triple peel included. John Spiers played progressively worse but was saved by his opponent suffering from an exceptinoal number of hop jawsing incidents. This win gives Blewbury 6 out 6 with 2 more to play in this league.
Nick Butler (3) beat John McMcMordie (0) +24TP
John Spiers (5) beat Bob Harris (2) +10
July 17th
SCF League vs. Eynsham
A 3-1 victory for Blewbury to maintain the unbeaten record. All matches were played at Blewbury pending completion of the Eynsham courts.

  • Nick Balshaw (8) 26-21 Austin Sherlaw (2)
  • Stuart Parks (11) 26-10 Stephen Wright (3)
  • Simon Jones (20) 18-8 Pam Greeenwood (24)
  • Chris Balshaw (18) 6-11 Eric (24)
July 16th
Inter Village Tournament

One of Four teams of four took part in a round robin of 14 point doubles games on a superb summer's day. Hagbourne yet again placed their name on the trophy.

  • Hagbourne (Stuart Parks, Kit Jackson, Nick Balshaw, David Spear) won 5/6
  • Blewbury (Nick Butler, Deirdrte & Malcom Cochrane, Paul Wolff) won 4/6
  • Harwell (Ian & Barbara Anderson, Steve Boddy, John Spiers) won 3/6
  • Cholsey (John Munro, Jim Bartlett, Simon & Tim Jones) won 0/6
July 13th
SCF Advanced League vs. Hamptworth
Our opponents very kindly matched us against opponents with much higher handicaps. Nick Butler proceeded rapidly to a comfortable win but John Spiers took almost an hour and a half to run the first hoop before finding a semblance of form. This result maintains the club's 100% record in league matches during 2005.
Nick Butler (3) beat Richard Stevens (8) +22
John Spiers (5) beat Jonathan Lacey (9) +11
July 2nd
Mary Rose Cup vs. Sussex
Our first match in this competition drew us against one of the strongest clubs in the south but home advantage was again a crucial factor. A 2-1 advantage at lunch eventually stretched to a 5-2 final result

  • . Kit Jackson (2.5) & Nick Butler (3.5) beat Simon Tuke (1.5) & Alan Cottle (3) +16
  • John Spiers (6) beat John Scrase (4.5) +20
  • Jolyon Kay (8) lost to Gene Mears (3.5) -15
  • Kit Jackson beat Simon Tuke +22
  • Nick Butler beat Alan Cottle +22
  • John Spiers beat Gene Mears +19
  • Jolyon Kay lost to John Scrase -5
June 28/9th
SCF League vs. High Wycombe

One of the away matches had to be abandoned following a torrential thunderstorm but ultimately the match was settled in our favour.

  • Nick Butler (3.5) 26-16 Giles Thorman (14)
  • Stuart Parks (11) 26-16 Mark Thomas (20)
  • John Spiers (5) 26-4 Chris Donovan (7)
  • David Spear (7) 6-26 Brian Juxton (8)
June 26th
SCF League vs. Oxford University

Last year's league title holders were unbeaten in the current year and after our defeat in 2004 we were thirsty for revenge. The Home team secured a 2-0 advantage in the morning and the Away team achieved the same result a few hours later to put us top of the table.

  • John Spiers (6) 26-1 Mark Snow (6)
  • Stuart Parks (12) 26-16 Chris Hansen (10)
  • Benson Spiers (14) 26-5 Antoine Esteev (12)
  • Nick Butler (3.5) 26-16 Andrew Cottrell(6)
June 25th
Friendly vs. Hurlingham
After a day of heavy rain the Blewbury courts required even more powerful biceps than usual and this proved to be a big advantage for the home side. Nevertheless, a thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. Blewbury won the Singles matches in the morning 3-1 and both of the doubles games after a memorable lunch at Hall Barn.
June 22nd
SCF Advanced League vs. Reading
Our first match in this new event was held at home. Nick Butler quickly hit form and emerged a reasonably comfortable winner in little over an hour's play, despite failing to make a triple peel on this occasion. John Spiers had a more uneven match which could easily have gone either way but eventually secured a result to give the club a perfect start in the competition.
Nick Butler (4) beat Steve Woolnough (3) +19
John Spiers (6) beat Jonathan Wood (4.5) +5
June 19th
Roger Cambray Memorial Shield
Held on a blisteringly hot day, as usual in the gardens of Hall Barn. 15 entrants fought out a closely fought group stage in which no player was unbeaten and also no player failed to score at least one win. The semi-finals were contested by Deirdre Cochrane & Benson Spiers and Nick Butler & John Munro. In the final Benson Spiers eventually emerged as a comfortable winner after some tense initial hoops once Nick Butler's normally reliable touch deserted him.
June 18th
Longman Cup vs. Harwell

The first defence of the Longman Cup pitched us against neighbours, leading to mixed loyalties for several members. In the morning the doubles games was very close but eventually decided in our favour, giving us a 3-0 cushion. The afternnno proved equally successful and Blewbury ran out 7-0 winners.

  • Nick Butler (4) & Stuart Parks (12) 26-20 Mike Duck (8) & Jim Bartlett
  • Deirdre Cochrane (9) 26-15 Gerald Mitchell (7)
  • John Spiers (7) 26-6 Steve Fisher (16)
  • Nick Butler (4) 26-21 Gerald Mitchell
  • Deirdre Cochrane (9) 26-14 Steve Fisher (16)
  • John Spiers (7) 26-15 Mike Duck (8)
  • Stuart Parks (12) 26-7 Jim Bartlett (16)
June 8th
SCF League vs. Aldermaston

Our SCF programme got off to a perfect start with a whitewash of Aldermaston. The difference in pace of the two courts was a talking point. Both of the away teams found it difficult to adapt, with the exception of Benson Spiers who played very tidily. At home, play was temporarily suspended when the irrigation system started operating.

  • Nick Butler (4) 26-23 Bob Harris (2)
  • Stuart Parks (12) 26-9 Bob Coles (11)
  • Benson Spiers (14) 26-1 John Briggs (9)
  • John Spiers (7) 26-11 Martin Burger (6)
May 7/8th
Advanced Rules

Six players participated (seven if you include Neil Morrison who subbed for Mike Duck on Sunday). They were split into groups of three. Nick Butler was in superb form on Saturday completing one Triple Peel and only just missing with another. In the Final, however, he made more mistakes than in the whole of the rest of the weekend, gifting numerous chances to John Spiers, who fluffed all but the last - a missed roquet after completing two thirds of another Triple. Deirdre Cochrane won the 3rd place play-off.

    Group 1
  • Nick Butler 26-1 Jolyon Kay
  • Jolyon Kay 26-22 Mike Duck
  • Nick Butler 26-6 Mike Duck
  • Nick Butler 26-3 Deirdre Cochrane
  • John Spiers 26-13 Jolyon Kay

    Group 2
  • John Spiers 26-2 Deirdre Cochrane
  • John Spiers 26-16 David Spear
  • Deirdre Cochrane 26-7 David Spear
  • John Spiers 26-18 Nick Butler
    3rd place
  • Deirdre Cochrane 26-16 Jolyon Kay
April 9th
One Ball Tournament

Thirteen players took part in a Swiss style tournament. There was a close battle between Simon Jones, David Spear and Henley Spiers. Ultimately the latter prevailed.

July 10th
All England Handicap Heat
Nine players took part in this eliminator for the regional final. Despite a cut in his handicap from 4 to 2 on the eve of the event, Benson Spiers was on superb form and remained unbeaten over eight games. The runner up position was closely contested between Kit Jackson, Henley Spiers and Nick Butler with the latter eventually shading it.
July 3rd
Inter Club Tournament, Quarter Final
A trip to the fine and fast courts of Surbiton was our reward for beating the champions in the previous round. Sadly, our plans were disturbed shortly before the weekend with Gerald Mitchell's unexpected and shocking hospitalisation. John Munro stepped into the breach and acquitted himself honourably. The match was always tight but in the end we went down by 3-4.

  • Benson Spiers lost toGraham Brightwell, 6-7, 6-7
  • John Spiers beat Dave Mooney 7-1, 7-1
  • John Munro & Nick Butler lost to Don Beck &Shamir Patel, 5-7, 5-7

  • John Spiers beatGraham Brightwell, 7-4, 7-3
  • Benson Spiers beat Dave Mooney 7-2, 6-7, 7-6
  • Nick Butler lost to Don Beck, 4-7, 5-7
  • John Munro lost to Samir Patel 4-7, 7-6, 3-7
League vs. Winslow
3.5-0.5 win. Blewbury players: Jim Bartlett, Prue adams, Ian & Barbara Anderson.
League vs. High Wycombe
4-0 win. Blewbury players: John Munro, Jim Bartlett, Kit Jackson, Steve Boddy.
League vs. Phyllis Court
2-2 draw, with Nick Butler & Jim Bartlett's wins counterbalancing Brian & Daphne Simpsons's defeats.
May 15th
Inter Club Tournament, 1st Round
For our first appearance in this level play tournament we drew the holders, mighty Colchester with handicaps ranging from minus 2 to minus 4. Three of their players are ranked in the UK top 25. Remarkably, we were ahead at lunch, 2-1 and by squaring the afternoon games we made it through to the quarter final against Surbiton. Encouragingly, all of our players contributed to a memorable win.

  • Benson Spiers lost to Dick Strover, 5-7, 1-7
  • John Spiers beat Jack Wicks 6-7, 7-4, 7-3
  • Gerald Mitchell & Nick Butler beat Chris Sheen & Paul Strover, 1-7, 7-4, 7-3

  • John Spiers lost to Dick Strover, 2-7, 4-7
  • Benson Spiers beat Jack Wicks 7-2, 7-2
  • Nick Butler beat Paul Strover, 7-6, 7-4
  • Gerald Mitchell lost to Chris Sheen 7-2, 7-3
April 17th
Singles Tournament

Eight players contested a 'round robin'. Benson Spiers, playing in his first Golf Croquet tournament, was undefeated. John Spiers was runner up.

April 16th
Doubles Tournament

Barbara & Ian Anderson were the winners out of four teams, coming back from 5-2 down in the final game.

Blewbury Croquet Club