The weekly timetable below is a guide to court availability during the summer. Where periods are identified as for lawn maintenance, association croquet or golf croquet, it just means these normally have priority.

It will always be subject to change, especially if matches or corporate bookings need to be fitted in. Before relying on this timetable, check the Online Diary and the Bookings Calendar for any particular dates and times.

Downloadable booklet "Croquet at Blewbury", our 2019 playing calendar and events guide.

Court Priority Times
Mornings (10am-1pm)
Afternoons (2-5pm)
Evenings (until dark)
Free, or matches
Practice / Competition / Matches
Generally free, bookable
Main maintenance period
Golf Croquet
Generally free, bookable
Matches or free, bookable
Matches or free, bookable
Generally free, bookable
Golf Croquet
Association Croquet
Association Croquet
Maintenance / Matches / Coaching
Golf Croquet
Generally free, bookable
Often free, but for any specific Saturday's arrangements, check with the Bookings calendar
Often free, but for any specific Sunday's arrangements, check with the Bookings calendar
The courts are accessible at all times.
The main gate is opened by a combination lock. Members may buy their own clubhouse keys.

Our clubhouse loo has an external key to unlock the door on opening the courts, and to lock it again on close of play for the day.

The car park to be used is the Tickers Folly Field car park on the left hand side of Boham's Road, clearly marked with a regular "P" parking symbol. Vehicular access to the courts for deliveries and for the disabled is through the field gate from the car park. This is secured by a combination padlock and heavy chain. If you need to know the combination, ask a Committee member.

There is now a trial croquet court booking system which is easily viewable. It's early days and user help for making new bookings is still being prepared. If you need to make a reservation, you can contact Joe King for guidance.

If you have to set out hoops, you can see that each hoop is numbered. Court 1 hoops go in the East court, Court 2 hoops in the West court.

A visitor can be admitted to play as a guest of a member, if first signed in by the member. A guest book for this purpose will be found in the clubhouse. The adult visitor day fee is 5, but there is no fee for under-18s.

Blewbury Croquet Club